Weatherstripping is one of the most important parts of garage door openers. It serves as a barrier that covers the tiny joints and spaces between the door’s body and its framework. Without weatherstripping, water and small pests can pass through.

Both water and pests can be very damaging to the stored articles inside your garage and hazardous to you and your loved ones. Unnoticed pools of water can become slipping hazards while pests may bring unwanted diseases inside your home.

Weatherstripping also insulates and your garage’s interior since it seals your home during weather extremes. It also protects and prolongs the life of your garage door.

What People Say About ProSeal Top and Side Garage Door Seal Kit Product

Based on product reviews, one of the fastest selling weatherstripping products nowadays is the ProSeal Top and Side Garage Door Seal Kit. It costs $26.95 – $101.35. It is made of durable weather resistant PVC so you won’t worry about sudden temperature changes wrecking havoc to your weatherstripping. And because it is made of PVC,  it won’t be damaged from the sun’s harmful UV rays. It will stay soft and flexible for a long period of time.

ProSeal Top and Side Garage Door Seal Kit insulates your garage by tightly sealing every nook and cranny of your door. You can paint it to blend with the existing colors of your home. It also comes with a mounting hardware.
If you are considering buying this product, make sure that you measure your garage door first. Otherwise, it would be a misfit and you won’t be able to use it. The ProSeal Top and Side Garage Door Seal Kit have the following dimensions: 1 Car Garage Kit – 312″L x 2.125″W x 0.75″H; 3 lbs. 2 Cars Garage Kit – 432″L x 2.125″W x 0.75″H; 4 lbs.

Don’t wait for accidents to happen. Change your garage door weatherstripping now.