Garage Door Prices: Finding the Best Value for Your Needs

Garage door prices depend on factors like style and technology usedThe typical North American home today requires a garage door that is suitable for the size and layout of the space. For many homes, the garage is more than just a parking area for the vehicles of the residents. A typical garage would also be used for storage, woodworking or carpentry, and other common household tasks, so it is important that garage doors not only cover the space adequately but also work with whatever purposes the garage serves for the family.

A garage is a feature that is more often seen in suburban or rural homes rather than in townhouses, apartments, or condominium units, although there are exceptions. City dwellings often have limited spaces, and parking is either relegated to basement parking levels or other parking structures in the area. The same trend goes for apartment complexes, where parking is usually in shared parking lots rather than garages for each unit.

Planned communities and subdivisions, on the other hand, typically already have garages included in the designs for each home. One- to two-car garages are the norm, although bigger home designs now make room for three or more vehicles in garages. After all, in many households nowadays, several members of the family already have their own vehicles to drive, and parking restrictions for the area or community may prohibit parking cars along the street.

As important as it is to choose and purchase the best garage door for your home, garage door prices should also be taken into account when making your choice. Garage door prices vary from one type and style to another. It is very important that you pick out the garage door that fits your budget and is the most appropriate for your home. After all, the garage door becomes part of your home’s curb appeal, or what people see when they first view your property. It should complement or blend in perfectly with your outdoor design, rather than clash with the overall theme or grab too much visual attention. No matter how beautiful your property may look like outside, if the garage door is strikingly unappealing, it lessens the positive impact of your home.

Before you schedule the garage door installation, you should look at the different options available for you. There are different ranges for garage doors prices depending on their appearance, materials, design, and garage door hardware. It is advisable to include the selection of the garage door in conjunction with the design and layout of the rest of the home, but this may not always be feasible especially if you are considering a renovation or an overhaul of the garage space.


Let us take a look at the Garage Door prices and the factors affecting them:

First, be familiar with the different types of garage doors. You can start with the main materials for garage doors, as the make of the garage door is one of the biggest determining factors for garage doors prices. Most of the garage doors constructed nowadays are made from either wood or steel. Wood garage doors have a lot of versatility when it comes to styles, and are also generally a little more expensive. Steel doors are usually more economical to construct and more appropriate for different weather conditions. In addition, aluminum and fiberglass are also becoming popular materials for garage doors, with fiberglass particularly becoming a favorite because of its lightweight and sturdy characteristics. You can get more information from this website about the uses of fiberglass in the production of different products used in the modern world.

Stock garage doors, or those that are already pre-made and pre-designed, are the most basic and least expensive. They are your best options if you’re looking for lower garage door prices. They do not have extensive panel designs and glass, and before any paint or additional panels or fixtures range around $500 prior to installation. Stock steel garage door prices may range from $300 to $600, with the price increasing as you add windows and other designs.

Panel styles for garage doors include flush panels, long-raised panels, and short-raised panels. The flush panels are minimally-textured flat panels that are designed to blend in to the surrounding area, making them great for complementing the rest of your garage space and home exterior. Long-raised panels, on the other hand, are used for adding depth and character to your garage space. If you want to use your garage doors for adding a new look and feel to your overall exterior, long-raised panels are a good option. Meanwhile, short-raised panels have intricate details and trims. They are usually used for architecturally complex homes such as Victorian-style or colonial-style houses and obviously belong to the higher end of the spectrum when we talk about garage door prices.

Painted panels are also an option when you look at garage doors for sale. Painted panels are combined with either long-raised or short-raised panels, making use of color contrasts and hues to add depth and character to the garage door. Generally, paint colors can also add impact to your garage space doors. The color of the garage door does not necessarily have to be the exact same color as the rest of the home, as a little contrast can increase visual impact. Too many colors, meanwhile, may seem busy or cluttered, so look for a striking balance.

The opening and closing mechanisms of garage doors also need to be considered as you select the best one for you. It is worth noting that the smoother the mechanisms are, the higher the garage door prices will be. If there is enough headroom in your garage, you can look into the more economical canopy tilt-up doors. These garage doors feature a pivoting hinge mechanism so they can be lifted up and secured at the garage’s ceiling level. This one-piece door is the least expensive. Meanwhile, retractable tilt-up garage doors also retract at the ceiling level of the garage, but they require more space and are secured on a framework that is separate from the doorframe.

The most popular garage doors according to mechanism are the sectional or roll-up garage doors. This requires subdividing the door into several sections, usually four or more horizontal divisions. The different divisions roll straight up and in retracted positions, eliminating the need for any additional door clearance outside the garage area. The channels are fixed firmly into the doorframe.

Thermal Insulation Capacity also dictates garage door prices in the marketBecause garages are spaces that are used as more than just parking areas these days, many homeowners now also consider garage door insulation as an important factor in selection. Garage door prices also differ based on the type of insulation offered. The R-value is the thermal insulation property of a garage door, so this R-value is what you look at when considering this value. Most of the insulated garage doors are constructed with polystyrene or polyurethane foam.

The thickness of the garage door does not necessarily mean it has more insulation. Most garage doors with polystyrene foam are thicker but actually have less R-value compared to garage doors made from polyurethane foam. The better insulation property of polyurethane foam not only keeps cold weather out, but also lessens the noise when the garage door is opened or closed.

If you live in an area where the weather can get really cold, and you often use your garage area for storage, socializing, or for woodworking or crafts, you would want to invest in the best thermal insulation as far as garage doors. On the other hand, basic insulation may be acceptable if you live in an area with a more temperate climate. The thermal insulation capacity should be at the top of your list when choosing garage doors. This presence or absence of this important feature also creates differences between garage door prices.

Will you need windows in your garage door? Well, that really depends on the overall appearance of your home as well as the different purposes of your garage. Windows bring in natural light to your garage, so if you use the space for different tasks, window panels on your garage doors will lessen the need for using lights in the garage. You can expect as well that these stylish windows will surely drive the garage door prices higher.

The design of the garage door torsion spring should also be considered as you select from the different options. The garage door springs are the mechanisms that provide the actual push or force when you open or close the door. Make sure to get the opinion of experienced professionals regarding the right type of garage door extension springs for the garage door you are having installed in your home, as well as the proper maintenance for them. We have highlighted on our previous post the importance of having a garage door parts guide to help you get acquainted with all the components of your garage door system. Garage door prices, as you would expect are also determined by the prices of the parts or components used.

garagedoorremoteYou will also need to consider whether you want a manual or automatic garage door. It is very convenient to have electric-powered garage doors that you can control remotely when you drive in and out of your garage. Wireless remotes usually goes hand in hand with higher garage door prices. Although, because they have become more common in modern homes, the prices and installation costs have also decreased substantially.

If you live on a street or area with a lot of traffic, it may be cumbersome or even risky to have to get out of your vehicle and have to manually open your garage door so you can park, or to go back and close the garage door before leaving the house. In this case, it may be best to invest in automatic or remote-controlled garage doors so you can conveniently drive in and out of your parking spaces. We’ve previously posted a review of the different garage door openers remote and keypads available in the market today.

You should also include your garage space in the overall security plan of your home. Although this will undoubtedly lead to an increase in the garage door prices, the additional sense of security that this gives is priceless. If you have an electronic alarm system for your house, make sure the garage is part of the system, and that you are able to secure your garage so that intruders can not opt to go through the garage doors if they want to break in. As mentioned, added security options may increase the garage doors prices a little bit, but the payoff would be well worth it and will give you peace of mind.