Well-maintained garage door openers ensure the safety and functionality of any garage door. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep a regular maintenance check and change worn out parts. One of the vital garage door parts that affect its overall performance is the adjustable top roller bracket like the National Hardware V7628.

The Importance of Top Roller Brackets

Top roller brackets are the adjustable metal pieces that are attached at the corners of your garage door. These essential parts enable your garage door to shut tightly.

Worn out or damaged top roller brackets cause garage doors to shake and even make noisy sounds. Do not ignore these because they are signs that your garage door is not working as it should. Worst, it may cause further damage to your door which may later turn into a safety hazard.

National Hardware V7628

National Hardware V7628 is one of the highly favored top roller brackets of consumers today. It can be used in overhead sectional style doors, measures 2-1/2-Inch wide and comes with bolts and nuts. Its galvanized finish prevents premature rusting so you’ll be assured of a sturdier garage door for a long time.

The National Hardware V7628 can be adjusted to efficiently position the door against the header for sealing at the top. This is to ensure that your garage, your car and your home is safe from nature’s elements like intense heat, rain and snow.

Why Customers Like National Hardware V7628

Satisfied clients find it to be reasonably priced at $5.69 for a brand new product. Used ones can cost anywhere from $4 or even as low as $0.61. They also claim that the National Hardware V7628 is also easy to install due to its adjustable feature.