As small as it may seem, garage door cables are important to keep the device on working properly. The National Hardware V7618 Garage Door Tension is one of the best replacement lift cables for standard, seven-Feet high, wood or metal garage doors up to sixteen feet wide. This is specifically for doors with torsion springs.
The National Hardware V7618 has a galvanized finish and measures one eighth inch thick for added strength and durability. A pair of 8-Feet 8-Inch long steel cable costs only $5.97.

Why Cable Replacement is Necessary

Garage door openers undergo thousands of “openings” and “closings” every year. As a result, garage door cables become loose and snap and consequently cause the garage door opener to stop working as it should.
Never ignore a broken cable because it will only lead to more broken parts which will be more expensive to repair. It will also be very inconvenient for you to open the garage door manually each time you get home. Remember that convenience is one of the reasons why you bought a garage door opener, right? Another reason why you should fix it immediately is that the cable might recoil with a violent force that may come in contact with your car or worse, you or your loved ones.

How to Do It

Do not attempt to install the new garage door cables yourself unless you’ve had experience with high-tension springs before. Another thing is that you have to determine the appropriate cable length. Of course you can resort to trial and error, but that would be a waste of time, effort and money. For your safety, it is still best to hire a repairman who is highly capable and experienced in replacing garage door cables.

Advantages of Using National Hardware V7618

More and more homeowners are praising the virtues of the National Hardware V7618. They claim that it is thicker and sturdier than the other brands. And priced at just $5.97, with free shipping charges on orders over $25, it is a great buy.