Graduated hinges are very important for the functionality of garage doors. They are called as such because each pair has a specific location in garage doors. A pair goes at the bottom, two at the top, a couple of #2 hinges, another couple of #3 hinges and five #1 hinges. The National Hardware V7608 is one of these hinges and usually fits the no.1 hinges on roll-up doors.

Hinges are one of the garage door parts that are used to attach the garage door onto the wall and allow each section to pivot as the door opens. They also enable the garage door to close into a wedge. Worn out or broken hinges can affect the opening and closing of your garage door. Worst, your door may not open at all. This is why hinges must be checked regularly and replaced if and when necessary with products like the National Hardware V7608.

National Hardware V7608: Description and Importance

The National Hardware V7608 is durable as it is made from galvanized-finish steel. Its holes are located as per industry standards so it is typically compatible with most major brands of garage doors. It is made to fit snugly into the #1 location.

National Hardware V7608 measures 7-3/8-Inch high and allows a 7/16-Inch shaft. It comes with its own set of carriage bolts and nuts so you won’t have to buy separately.

What Customers Like About It

  • Value for money. This is one of the top reasons why consumers like it. These hinges are cheap, costing $5.06, but of superior quality. Buyers even find them better than the original hinges of their garage doors.
  • Easy Installation. No new holes need to be drilled when replacing the hinges of your garage doors as these products are cleverly designed to fit any major garage door brand.

You can replace these hinges on your own only if you have the necessary tools and skills. Otherwise, call a professional to do the job for you.