Does your garage door make creaky sounds each time they open and close? Is it difficult to operate? Before you start looking for a brand new garage door, check the rollers first. Chances are, they aren’t functioning as they should. Check their alignment or lubricate them. If this doesn’t solve the problem, maybe it’s time you changed those rollers.

Rollers may seem small but they are vital parts of garage door openers. They help guide your garage door through the track system so that it operates smoothly. Due to thousands of openings and closings annually, they eventually wear out. As such, it is highly recommended that these garage door parts be maintained in perfect working condition to avoid further damage to your garage door and accidents that may arise from it.

One of the preferred brands by consumers today is the National Hardware V7601 Standard Garage Door Rollers, 1-7/8-Inch Roller 4-3/8-Inch Stem 7/16-Inch Shaft, Plain Steel, 2-Count and here’s what they say about it.

National Hardware V7601

The National Hardware V7601 Standard Garage Door Rollers are among the most common 1-7/8-Inch Steel Roller with 7 ball bearings available today so they are compatible with almost any garage door brand.

Each roller is made of a plain steel wheel and shaft which accounts for its durability. The shaft has a diameter of 7/16-Inch while the stem has a length of 4-3/8-Inch. A pair of National Hardware V7601 costs $6.99. Consider buying extras because garage door rollers are installed by sets so when one or two of them wear out, chances are, the others are reaching that point as well.

Consumers have found the National Hardware V7601 to be well made and sturdy. In fact, they have rated these garage door rollers with five stars.

You can change your old or worn-out rollers if you have the proper skill and tools for such a task. There are also a lot of Youtube videos regarding this subject matter. Doing it yourself can save you a lot of cash. But when in doubt, you can always hire a garage door repairman to do the job for you.

Always bear in mind that a well-maintained garage door keeps you and your family safe, eliminates costly repairs and prolongs the life of your garage door openers.