The purpose of extension springs, as their name implies, is to stretch or extend when there is force applied. You can find them on the sides of your garage door and fastened to the door’s swing arms. These springs get a lot of tension from thousands of stretches through the passage of years. Take note that they only have a peak functionality of 7-8 years. After that time, they might break when you least expect them to, so it is best to be proactive- change them while the 8 year period isn’t over.

Don’t ignore it because broken extension springs have so much force which can break the windshield or dent your car. Even worse is the possibility that it may accidentally hit you, your pets or children.

National Hardware 7688: Highly acclaimed by its users

Among the best-selling brands is the National Hardware 7688 garage door extension spring. It measures 25 inches and can be used for 7-Feet high garage doors of up to 110-Pounds. It costs $9.25 to $16.65. The price varies from retailer to retailer.

The National Hardware 7688 has been getting awesome 5-star reviews from consumers who have used the product. These users have found the product “exactly as advertised”. It has a maximum overall safe length of 67 inches when stretched and has a black painted finish. For easy identification, the end is color coded white which is according to industry standards.

You may buy one piece as a replacement for your old or broken extension spring, but specialists recommend that you change all springs. According to these experts, these garage door parts are installed in sets so if one is old or broken, chances are, the other springs are close to breaking as well.

Hiring a garage door specialist to change your extension springs is possible, but some of them ask for high fees. The National Hardware 7688 allows you to do it yourself with the help of the easy instruction guide that comes with each unit. Some users claim that they were able to change theirs in just a matter of 15 minutes.

So, to maximize the safety, durability and functionality of your garage door openers, change your extension springs even before they break.