National Hardware 7679 Torsion Spring

Besides purchasing a new system to reduce noise, a possible solution is to purchase a new garage door torsion spring. It’s not super common, but garage door springs do have a tendency to break or snap. First, you need to identify if your current spring is right hand or left hand wound. Second, be sure to have the proper length. Only then can you determine whether or not the National Hardware 7679 Torsion Spring will be a good fit for your door.

When it comes to the actual installation be sure to read the instructions carefully. This task is a bit more labor intensive vs. other small jobs. Winding up the garage door spring tension up to 29 quarter turns will make you sweat, so be prepared.

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To make the job easier grab a couple very large Phillips screwdrivers or 5/16 inch steel pipe that fit securely into the spring end caps. Trust me having the proper leverage or winding rods  for this install will make your job a lot easier!  Total install time should take you just around an hour. We also provide a step by step video guide to help install garage door springs.

When it comes to a durable, long-lasting torsion spring the National Hardware 7679 Torsion Spring is one of the best in class. It’s known for taking years of use and staying in relatively good shape with very little maintenance. When you look at all the available options for Torsion Springs, the National Hardware 7679 Torsion Spring stands out as one relied upon most by professional installers and journeymen alike. Based on the reviews I read personally for this garage door part, there seems to be a great deal of support and admiration for this torsion spring.