Call them pulley or sheaves, but these garage door parts like the 3 Inch Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel Pulley must be well-maintained for your garage door openers to work well. There are four of them in your garage door- two are fixed on the curved part of a garage door’s track while the other two have yokes. Not one of them is unimportant as they  are responsible for the smooth operation of the garage door’s extension springs.
Through the passage of time, dirt, dust and grime accumulate in the garage door’s track. These will constantly come in contact with the pulleys and sheaves, cause resistance and friction as they slide on the tracks and eventually wear them out.

When Should You Change the Pulley and Sheaves?

Do your pulleys wobble as they move? Does your garage door make a jerking movement? Are the pulleys shifting in the track?
These are the signs that the pulleys and sheaves no longer work as they should. Ignoring these signs can damage the garage door cable and even the extension springs, which may later turn into safety hazards that can threaten you and your family.
It is also highly recommended to replace pulleys and sheaves when you change your extension springs as the original parts are usually installed at the same time. So, when the extension spring starts to give up, the pulleys and sheaves are well on their way to wearing out, too.

3 Inch Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel Pulley

The 3 Inch Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel Pulley is made of heavy duty galvanized steel and can accommodate a maximum cable size of 3/16″. Customers prefer them due to the following advantages:
  • Economy. A brand new 3 Inch Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel Pulley costs only $4.49 while used ones can go as low as a dollar or even cheaper.
  • Efficiency. This pulley has a nice ball bearing action and according to a client, seems to be doing its job well.
  • Ease of installation. Setting them up takes up ten minutes with the use of ordinary household tools like crescent wrenches.
Remember that a garage door with worn-out pulleys and sheaves is an accident waiting to happen. Be proactive. Change these garage door parts to ensure the safety of your whole family.