Genie Garage Door OpenersGenie Garage Door Openers

Genie Garage Door Openers are designed with beauty and functionality in mind. These garage door openers have streamline features and are available in both belt and chain drive. Genie takes security a notch higher by installing each model with Intellicode that enables users to enter a new code after every use. Safety is not a problem as each model comes with a Safe-T-Beam reversing system that prevents the garage door from closing when it comes in contact with any object.

Recent models are equipped with Genie’s low maintenance-factory-installed chain which does not require lubrication and heavy-duty motor which can lift the sturdiest doors. Installation is fast and simple. An easy-to-follow manual is provided. Genie garage door openers tend to be considered the upper echelon for speed, quality, maintenance and overall functionality. When considering safety, they also have several features which were tailor-made with children, pets and alarm systems in mind. The thoughtful features put in place were included as a family precaution, and make many of these openers perfect for households with large families and with children at a variety of ages.

When it comes to safety, although Genie hasn’t spent as much time, or designed as many safety features as Chamberlain, overall the Genie models are relatively safe. Should you have pets or young children in the house you can be generally assured that they will be safe around these garage door openers. That said, it would be safest not to allow children or pets in the garage or in and around these doorways as the sensors on these models are quite as sensitive as the Chamberlains. All in all, so long as you don’t have alot of foot traffic constantly between the garage doorway there isn’t much to worry about from a safety perspective. For security, these models carry standard remotes and keypad options, and some may have security timers. Genie Garage door openers aren’t however as compatable as the Chamberlain models when it comes to interfacing with home security systems.