Genie KEP-1Rummaging through your things for that eternally missing garage door remote control or key can be a daunting and even irritating task especially when you had a long and tiring day at the office.

If this has been your recurring problem, then you might want to consider the many advantages that the Genie KEP-1 Universal Keyless Garage Entry System has.
The Pros

Aside from giving you a convenient, no-transmitter option to enter your garage, the Genie KEP-1 Universal Keyless Garage Entry System has other benefits such as:

  • Snappy installation. The Genie KEP-1 Universal Keyless Garage Entry System contains all the materials necessary for residential garage installations. It has a code pad with a signal tail, control box, wall transformer and two 25′ rolls of wire. Also included is a bag with insulated staples and fasteners. All you need to do is to wire it in the push button terminal of any garage door opener and power it up with the 9-volt battery that comes with it.
    • Easy on the pocket. The Genie KEP-1 Universal Keyless Garage Entry System is priced at a mere $35.99 free of any shipping charges. And because it is designed to function with any existing garage door opener, you get to save more cash as you don’t have to buy a new one.
    • One Year Warranty. Genie is confident about its product that it covers all defects in workmanship and materials within a year of your purchase. However, it does not cover any damage incurred through accidents, misuse or product modification.
    • Added Security. Genie knows that your safety is of utmost importance that’s why it has enabled this gadget with a brilliant system that allows you to set a code that only you and your family will know of. A word of advice, though- avoid using birthdays, names or any codes that can be easily deciphered by wrongdoers.
    • Durability. Most users claim that their units have lasted for more than ten years.
The Cons
  • Due to frequent usage of selected numbers in your keypad, these numbers may quit working. This can easily be resolved by entering a new code that does not include the faulty keys. If this fails, you can simply change the keypad.
  • The unlighted keypad causes a bit of a hassle when entering the security code.
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Genie KEP-1 Universal Keyless Garage Entry System offers easy access to your garage, easy installation, economy, one year warranty, safety and durability. It also has a few disadvantages that can be solved easily.

Finally, you have the solution to the recurring phenomenon of the eternally missing key or remote control for your garage door. The Genie KEP-1 Universal Keyless Garage Entry System allows you easy access to your garage sans the key or remote control.