Garage Door Keypads: Adding a Layer of Convenience and Security


garagedoorkeypadsGarage door keypads used to be something that is considered only as an optional thing to add to a garage door system. They were not necessary and were seen as nothing more than a socio-economic status symbol. Those were the days when it’s normal to be awaken by the noise of a neighbor’s garage door opening or closing, when many fatal accidents happened involving garage doors and children, and when thieves and burglars seized a golden opportunity every time they successfully and easily outsmart a garage door system.

The advent of new technology paved the way for new developments related to the security and convenience of our everyday lives. The security of our homes rely on its points of entry and one such point of entry which is extra vulnerable to break-ins, is the garage door. Garage door manufacturer’s first attempt on incorporating a security technology to their products would now seem like a laughable attempt. They utilized automatic openers with a security code. However, there’s a catch, all of those automatic openers uses the same code. Manufacturers released the next batch of automatic openers, probably realizing the blunder, making sure to allow homeowners to set their own garage door security codes. It led to much better security features in the garage door systems nowadays which use high tech components like a digital wireless keypad and accessories like a battery back-up for the system to remain operational during blackouts and a door report remote that notifies you if you closed your garage door.

A garage door keypad, as you can probably infer from the Garage Door Parts Diagram page, is one component of modern garage door systems that is truly useful and necessary. Most people enter their houses through the garage door, even kids coming home from school would usually use the garage door to enter their homes. With the garage door keypads, lost keys would no longer be a problem as they can simply key in the code to open the garage door. No need to worry about the possibility of criminals grabbing your garage door security code. The technology used in the garage door keypads that are currently out in the market today are way ahead of the ‘code-stealing’ ability of burglars and thieves. Most of the keypads use the rolling code technology which prevents others from duplicating your code. You can read more about this “rolling code technology” feature here.

With a garage door keypad, you can change the code whenever needed. That would be necessary if you have previously given the code to someone else who needed access to your house at one point in time, perhaps a repairman or a babysitter.

Garage door opener remotes usually come with garage door keypads, but just like keys, these remotes are often vulnerable to getting misplaced. When this happens, you can still use the keypad to open the garage door.

Garage door keypads come in either wireless or wired connection. Wired connection keypads such as the Genie KEP-1 Universal Keyless Garage Entry System are known to be more reliable, although those that utilize wireless connection are often much better suited to the modern lifestyle as this would allow you to install it anywhere on your garage door without making a mess with all the wires. Take a look at our garage door parts guide to learn more about the compatibility of parts in case you would need to replace or repair a certain component in the future.

For many homes, the garage is no longer limited to just sheltering their vehicles. Some homeowners transform the whole or a part of their garage into a traditional room or a workspace. This extended use of the garage allows the other family members, particularly the kids, to access the garage more often. Having a garage door keypad installed makes it much more convenient and safe for any member of the family to enter the garage.