Garage Door Parts Diagram

Garage Door Parts Diagram

1. Bearing Plates 11. Weatherstripping 21. Flag Brackets
2. Cables 12. Bottom Fixtures 22. Vertical Tracks
3. Pulleys & Sheaves 13. Graduated Hinges 23. Track Brackets
4. Locks & Handles 14. Top Fixtures 24. Sensors
5. Rollers 15. Quick Disconnect Arms 25. Garage Door Remotes
6. Garage Door Rail Components 16. Garage Door Torsion Springs 26. Garage Door Keypads
7. Garage Door Openers 17. Torsion Spring Shafts
8. Extension Springs 18. Angle Iron Brackets


Ultimate Garage Door Parts Diagram

The following are included in the Diagram above:

  • Part pictures: Garage door parts can be very confusing. What exactly will you need? Viewing our custom diagram will help you to identify the parts you need using the various images we’ve labeled for you.
  • Part Names, Locations & Reviews: Click on any garage door part or category to view a detailed review. The garage door parts we recommend are of the best quality and offer long-lasting durability.
  • Search Function: Still can’t find what you’re looking for?   – Use our Parts Search Box.
  • Videos: If you are having any difficulties with your new garage door part, we provide you with additional assistance including step by step installation and repair videos.
  • Rating – Comprised of user ratings from All of the garage door parts on our site have AT LEAST 4/5 stars on No sales pitches, no up-sells, just the most trusted products reviewed to save you time and money.
  • Price – As a general guide, prices are as follows:
    $:                             0-$40
    $$:                          40-$100
    $$$:                        100-$200
    $$$$:                      $200+

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When we first thought of creating this site, we were thinking of people like you and us who take pure joy and pride in doing DIY repairs. And when we finally decided to do it, we made sure we are able to provide you with everything you need to know about garage door parts and we think this diagram is a good way to start. However, the garage door parts in this diagram are only the tip of the iceberg. By clicking on your specific part, we offer our detailed product reviews and recommendations. We provide you with sound advice when it comes to choosing which brand name to trust since there are probably hundreds of manufacturers of hardware parts. We give you a shortlist of things to consider when shopping for garage door parts and a whole new garage door. We also give you our honest opinion as to whether you should make the decision to perform the repairs on your own or hire an expert. We also have a page dedicated solely to comparing garage door prices and a complete list of garage door parts.